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Group Info

We're a TF2 Fan Group that accepts all kinds of (non-explicit) TF2 art.

It doesn't matter if your art skill level is n00b or pro, all skill levels are accepted here.

:bulletgreen:We don't have many rules, but we do have a few. Please read them before joining!
Founded 3 Years ago
Aug 6, 2013


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Fan Club

301 Members
287 Watchers
9,514 Pageviews
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:target: HOW TO JOIN

:bulletblack: Joining is simple! Just click the Join button and you're in!


:bulletblack: There currently is no submission limit, but please -and I cannot stress this enough- PLEASE submit your artwork to the right Folders! All information on our Gallery Folders can be found here: (SOON TO BE ADDED)
:bulletblack:Should you ever be in doubt, all you have to do is ask an admin (currently AustraliumSiren, camiluna27, Portable-Toaster and ASRIELDREEMURRRRRR), where to submit your work to. You will get a response ASAP.

:target: DO'S AND DON'TS

:bulletgreen: Do submit Original Work.
:bulletgreen: Do be Courteous.
This is a fanclub and we're all here because we share a liking of TF2 in any way, shape or form. Sharing is caring, so don't bash characters and/or pairings and be respectful of other people's opinions.
:bulletgreen: Do submit your Artwork to the right Folders.

Miscats won't be accepted! When in doubt, please send AustraliumSiren a note.

They have nothing to with TF2 and there are plenty of other groups that do accept them.
:bulletred: Don't claim any screenshots from the game or official videos as your own.
:bulletred:We don't accept edited screenshots. However, Garry's Mod/SFM pictures and Stamps that contain resources taken from the game and vids are a grey area, so those are allowed.
:bulletred: Don't submit W.I.P.s, unedited screenshots or unfinished pictures. We don't mind having art of all skill levels, but submit finished works only please.

:target: WE ALLOW

:bulletred: Almost any picture, fanfic, cratfing project or cosplay that is somehow related to TF2.
:bulletorange: OCs, but they must be related to TF2 and be recognisable as such. For example: A FemSniper is allowed, but a MLP pony with a Sniper symbol on its butt is not.
:bulletyellow: Sketches and line-art, but only if they are not traced and the finished product of your work (e.g. you're not planning on colouring them). Using bases is fine as long as you credit the basemaker.
:bulletgreen: Yaoi, but please keep things soft. Some people might not like it (including your admin, I'll be honest about that), so please respect those who do not wish to see it by not submitting anything explicit. There are plenty of other groups that do accept explicit deviations.
:bulletblue: Spycrabs, Tentaspies, and other unofficial characters (such as ChristianBrutalSniper and Painis Cupcake) are allowed, but must be put in the proper folder.
:bulletpurple: Positive Feedback. By all means, fave and comment on other people's work and please don't hesitate to suggest Group Favourites.
:bulletwhite: TF2 is rated M (originally), submissions with violence, blood, swearing and cartoonish/comical gore are allowed.

:target: WE DO NOT ALLOW

:bulletblack: Explicit deviations. Mature content and Fanservice is fine, but please don't post anything overly sexual. We don't want anyone coming to this group to feel uncomfortable.
:bulletwhite: Any trolling, bashing or flaming will result in an instant BONK with the Ban-Hammer, meaning any trolls or flamers will be banned from our group and reported.
:bulletblack: Unoriginal work. If an admin finds out that your work has been stolen in any way, they will reserve the right to report the piece and remove it from the group gallery.
:bulletblack: Ponies. Crossover is fine, but we have to draw a line somewhere and this is it. There are plenty of other groups that do accept ponies.
:bulletwhite: Fetish Art. Please respect the fact that some of our members do not share your fetish and therefore do not wish to see it.
:bulletblack: Advertisements or any other form of shameless self-promotion of YouTube channels, other external pages etc. This includes begging for comments, requests or visits to your own page.

Now that we've got that out of the way... Be sure to have fun, and don't hesitate to ask if you're ever unsure about the rules.



Heya all, :iconportable-toaster:Portable-Toaster here. Just a quick update on the group picture, I have not begun work on it. I am feeling a lot better, however the picture requires a fair bit of motivation to do, and quite frankly I can't be bothered to put that much effort as of yet.

So, bad news first. Fortunately, I've decided to try and bribe you make it up to you guys by giving some of my personal tips and tricks that I use in my own works, specifically Gmod artwork lifehacks, so to speak.

First off, there are basic rules when doing any photography, and this applies to Gmod artwork as well. The rule of thirds, which has you imagine your canvas is cut into vertical thirds, states that the viewer usually sees the left third first. That's where you put the majority of the action. Another important rule is the Odd Rule. This is a basic rule that suggests the amount of things in a picture should equate to an odd number, for example, three ostriches, five people posing for a picture. Don't forget depth of field.

Now that the basic photography stuff is out of the way, the Garry's Mod specifics come into play. I'll start with lighting. Whenever I do my lighting, I use three lanterns (or in my case, render lights, but that's an addon) to help with lighting. The main one, as I like to refer to it, is the actual light and is usually white. The second one I colour orange, and the third is blue. These two lanterns help with shadows (but you need to turn the shadows off on this one) and depending on how you use the two lanterns in junction with themselves, you can bring a picture to life. Remember, Main light, Orange light, Blue light. An easy acronym to remember is MOB.

This one is an obvious, but sometimes beginners forget this or don't know this is a thing. Use SUPER DoF (or just regular DoF if you can't get Super DoF to work), it's great for obscuring a background and improving the quality of a picture.

Anything you guys use? Little tips you have to share? Comment down below, let's help people make better artwork. (By this, I don't just refer to Gmod, any tactic or trick you have in any field of art works just fine.)

Until then, keep up the great work. I'm enjoying the artwork being submitted by you guys.


-P.S. i may or may not begin work next month, around the tenth or something. just keep chill k?
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Portable-Toaster Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a heads up, the group picture will be placed on the front of the page, so it doubles as to show off your classes.
If you haven't already, please head over to the journal post and place your artwork there, thanks.
Portable-Toaster Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We have a Comic folder now, meaning your comics now have somewhere to go. It's located underneath the fanfiction folder if you wish to see it.
ASRIELDREEMURRRRRR Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
how do I submit FanFics? I have one that I wanna submit, But I cant Figure out how, also, can this fanfic ( The one i wanna Submit) be accepted?…
AustraliumSiren Featured By Owner May 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
just submit it to Featured for the time being. =)
Portable-Toaster Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not exactly sure on how to upload my art to the folders, as I'm only able to place them into the Featured Article.

Is this what I'm supposed to do or am I missing something?
AustraliumSiren Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
We haven't sorted out the folders yet, so just submit to Featured for the time being. =)
55john5 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
the pic i put for consideration, obviously it goes in the pyro folder, any way you could make it magically teleport there? =p
AustraliumSiren Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I will get an Engie to construct a teleporter at some point in time. Right now I don't have much time to manage the group so at the moment everything is being dumped in Featured, so yeah... Don't worry about it. xD
Antonio01921 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
sorry I did not mean to advertise anything, I just thought it would be fun :)
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